iDREAM GEN 1 (Very rare)

7 Main Dreams from the 1st generation of the iDREAM collection.

  • Blue Butterflies and Red Dragons - Sold Out

  • Ukraine in Love, Ukraine in War - Sold Out

  • Blue electric Waterfall - Sold Out

  • Theme Hospital - Sold Out

  • Matrix in Chinatown - Sold Out

  • Life on Mars - Sold Out

  • LFG - Sold Out

This are digital interpretations of real dreams from the creator itself.

All the NFT's are 100% unique and minted as 1/1 NFT on the Hedera Network.

This is the community-inspired dream NFT subcollection within the iDREAM collection.

Mini Dreams are not interpreted dreams, but abstract based NFT's inspired by the Hedera creators, community and all NFT artist out there.

The whole MiniDream collection is displayed in our Spatial Gallery and it will be always refreshed with the newest produced pieces.

The supply of the MiniDreams is unlimited, and all the NFT's are minted on the Hedera Network by request (You can request a mint by DM on twitter - @matijakuzz).

iDREAM FanDreams (Legendary)

Sold Out

The FanDreams section is a special edition collection made in collaboration with the best NFT creators from the Hedera Community.

This are not interpreted dreams, but an abstract collection of famous Hedera NFT's, blended in a dreamy abstract iDREAM fashion. All the pieces from this collections are approved from both artists. The profit and royalty from the sales are split 50/50 between both creators.

The supply of this collection is very limited so all the NFT's from the iDREAM FanDreams collection are Legendary rare (1 NFT per artist). All the NFT's are minted on the Hedera Network.

Each iDREAM generation release has it's own Utility features.

For every Main Dream purchased one feature is unlocked.

Portal to our Spatial Gallery and HashAxis store.

All about the iDREAM collection and it's creator